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The New Lady In My Life

Fran and I met at the Dog Park in Titusville, Florida in 2012.

We started dating in early January 2013 and got engaged in April.

We decided we were too old to let things drag out too long.

We got married May the 31st.

Where We Live ...

For the last forty-seven years, I have lived in Central Florida,

and for the last twenty-three years I have resided in Mims, Florida

Mims is a small town with a population of around 10,000 and growing. 

It lies on Florida's Space Coast just north of Titusville and northwest of the Kennedy Space Center.

"Beautiful Downtown Mims, Florida"


Where I Used To Work ...

A Picture I Took One Morning At Work!

I started working at KSC 11/21/66 for IBM as an electronics technician on the Saturn/Apollo moon project.  I made the switch over to computer programming in 1968 and continued working for IBM throughout the "Moon" program and most of the Shuttle Program.

After retiring from IBM, and several company changes, I ended up working in the KSC Test & Operations group with United Space Alliance (USA) out of Houston/JSC.  On 7/5/03 I started working only part time for USA.  As of 4/1/05 I am now fully retired from the working world and free to enjoy the pleasures of life.

I particularly used to enjoy my drive to and from work through the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge where I would see a wide variety of flora and fauna.  Some of these include Dolphins, Manatees, Eagles, Osprey, Otters, Deer, Hogs, Bobcats, Alligators, plus many other birds and small animals.

Activities include ...




The MINGUS Family Line - My Father's Paternal Line.

The CYR/SEARS Family Line - My Father's Maternal Line.

The YOUNG Family Line - My Father's Paternal Grandmother's Line.

The RYAN Family Line - My Father's Maternal Grandmother's Line.

The WOOLSEY Family Line - My Mother's Paternal Line.

The BENTLEY Family Line - My Mother's Maternal Line.

The ETHERIDGE Family Line - My Mother's Paternal Grandmother's Line.

The DORN Family Line - My Mother's Maternal Grandmother's Line.


I plan to add more Families later and eventually intend to include a special page dedicated to the Mingus’ of North Carolina.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.  See my E-mail address at the bottom of this page.

The latest data I received concerning my Native American ancestry seems to definitively prove that it was only family lore and not fact.  A cousin who is descended from Martha Jane Compton in my Etheridge line, (who’s mother Rachael was supposedly a Choctaw Indian) took a special DNA test that shows whether you have Native American blood, and it came out negative. I have not seen actual proof, but this was in an email that I received.

Picture of Les and I at the "Boundary Tree Marker" which marked one of the boundaries of our ancestor's property and my Great Grandfather's cemetery which is up on a ridge on the Cherokee Indian Reservation and I never would have found without Les' help.


Birding -

In the past there was a Sandhill Crane, a lone Wild Turkey, and an occasional Deer visiting the back yard on a daily basis. (no I haven't been drinking out behind the shed.  The turkey was very pretty, and I think that it might have been a young Tom.

One of our favorite places to visit is the "Black Point Wildlife Drive" on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  We try to get out there during the peak birding season during the winter.  Check out some of my humble attempts at Bird Photography.

My life count is now at 162!  That seems pretty paltry to me, but remember I am still a relative rookies at this.


Fishing -

I don't do much fishing any more.  My favorite spots were the Navy's Trident Turn basin in Cape Canaveral where we fish mainly for Pompano, and at my brother Tom’s place on Lake Martin in central Alabama where we fish for Bass and Catfish.  The Indian River Lagoon and the St. John’s river are also high on my list.

Tom sold his place on the lake to move closer to his Kids and Grandkids.  I can’t say that I blame him for that.  He did tell me that we could still use the old camp on the lake that he used to own.  Maybe we can continue the tradition.

Had a great time on my last trip to Lake Martin.  We got hit with a cold snap and the fishing was slower than usual, but we got a few bass and a year's supply of catfish.  I guess I will leave these pictures up for memories until next time.


Early Morning        Heading Out           Bait the Hook         Coming Back In             Cleaning the Catch


The Trident turn basin has been open sporadically this year so far, and the pompano have just began their winter run. I was lucky enough to limit out the last two times I made it down there.  Here are some photos from my last trip.


          Trident Wharf       Lots Of Action     Fish On!                Double Catch       A Limit for 2


Golf -

I'm just a duffer, but I enjoy it a lot!  I used to play in the Space Coast Industrial Golf League, but since have retired from that.  This is a traveling league where two-man teams play a different golf course every couple of weeks during the season, which runs from about March through September or October. 

Since retirement, I have begun playing on most Wednesdays with a group of my friends at several local courses and on Friday with two buddies at the Walkabout course in Mims.


Travel/Vacation -

We both love cruising and since we met, we have gone on two cruises on Royal Caribbean's beautiful ship, the Freedom of the Seas.The first we call our "Engagement Cruise" to the Eastern Caribbean and the second was our "Honeymoon Cruise" to the Western Caribbean. We hope to keep cruising on our agenda (once or twice a year) as long as we are able.

In addition to cruising we have taken several trips locally and around the Southeast. In May we traveled to Louisiana for a Crawfish Boil at Marsha and Herb's.  Laurie came with us and we had a great time. In July we took a trip up to Tom and Kay's to see him while he is still feeling up to company.

We also visited Jack and Karen Bogan up in The Villages and went to St. Augustine to see Fran's sister-in-law Susan.

For Christmas we gave ourselves Disney annual passes and intend to go over there at least several times a month.


Titusville Dog Park -


A Painting of the Titusville Dog Park by Sandra Burke


This painting was done in the early days of the Titusville Dog Park located just north of the Titusville Marina.

In it are actual Human and Animal friends that we have come to know.  Lucy and I are near the center of the picture. (I have a red hat on)

Of course it has special meaning to Fran and I since this is where we met and got acquainted.

Also note that I married Fran along with three great dogs and two unique cats!


Hershey                 Paco                 Tippet                 Lucy

In the back of my car ready to go into the Dog Park


Here are some pictures of our last home family crawfish boil.



One of my favorite Photos

"It's Not My Job".

See my


Collection here! 

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